Version 2.19 – More Menu Customization

This release introduces a number of new visual customization settings for the WordPress admin menu.

  • Menu bar width
  • Menu bar shadow
  • Full-height menu layout
  • Menu item font size and style
  • Submenu popup shadow
  • Logo above the admin menu
  • Custom “collapse menu” button text
  • … and a few more.

You can access these new features by clicking the “Style” button in the right sidebar of the menu editor. All of these settings support live preview, so you can see their effects without having to save the menu configuration first.

Screenshot of the "Menu bar" tab in the "Style" screen of Admin Menu Editor Pro. Menu width has been increased and menu layout has been changed to full-height.

Change the menu width and layout

Screenshot of the "Menu items" tab in the "Style" screen of Admin Menu Editor Pro. Some menu font styles have been changed.

Customize menu item fonts

Screenshot of the "Logo" tab in the "Style" screen of Admin Menu Editor Pro. A custom logo has been added to the top of the WordPress admin menu.

Add a custom logo to the admin menu

The existing “Colors” and “Separators” customization settings have also been moved to this new screen, and they also support live preview.

Notable Bug Fixes

Fixed several PHP warnings caused by invalid menu items

Normally, a menu item needs to have a URL and an associated capability. Even if you leave them empty when using the WordPress API to add a menu, WordPress will still create the corresponding fields in its internal menu data structure.

It turns out that some plugin developers have apparently managed to bypass that requirement, creating menu items where these fields are not just empty but actually missing. This could cause warnings like Undefined array key 2 in .../admin-menu-editor-pro/includes/menu-item.php when AME tried to process these items. Those warnings should be fixed in version 2.19.

However, if your site has any menu items like that, you might still see similar warnings in WordPress core files because WordPress itself also expects menu items to have URLs and capabilities.

Fixed a crash caused by invalid role capability lists

Some users reported seeing errors like array_merge(): Argument #1 must be of type array. Like the previous issue, this is also a case of plugins or themes supplying incorrect data when creating something: in this case, custom roles.

In WordPress, each role has a list of capabilities. This list can be empty, but should still be a list (i.e. an array). However, it turns out that in very rare cases it can be null or false, which would previously cause AME to crash when it tried to read role capabilities. That should also be fixed in this release.

Plugin conflicts

  • WPForms: The hidden menu item “Dashboard -> Welcome to WPForms” will no longer become visible when activating AME.
  • Toolset Types: The settings in the “Redirects” tab will now work properly when Toolset Types is active.

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