“Admin Notices Boss” Promo

I’ve recently released a new plugin: Admin Notices Boss. You can use it to hide specific admin notices based on various criteria. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, go check it out at adminnoticesboss.com!

If you already have an Admin Menu Editor Pro license, you can get a 30% discount when you purchase Admin Notices Boss. To get the discount code, enter your Admin Menu Editor Pro key here:



Here’s a short list of what Admin Notices Boss can do:

  • Hide individual admin notices
    • for everyone;
    • for specific roles;
    • only for your user account;
  • Move notices to an out-of-the-way location.
    • There are two options: a Toolbar dropdown or a collapsible panel. If you choose the panel, you can put it next to “Screen Options” or leave it in the admin notice area.
    • You can move “hidden” notices to the dropdown/panel instead of hiding them completely.
  • Hide notices based on their type (info, warning, etc).
    • With optional exceptions for yourself.
  • Let other users hide and manage the notices they see.
    • By default, only Administrators can hide notices, but you can allow certain roles to hide notices for themselves.

What’s the Relationship Between “Admin Menu Editor Pro” and “Admin Notices Boss”?

While they’re both developed by the same person, each is a standalone product. There’s no special integration between the two plugins. You can use them together or separately.

One thing to keep in mind is that Admin Menu Editor Pro does have a “hide all admin notices” feature (in the “Tweaks” tab). If enabled, this setting will generally take precedence and hide all notices, even those set to “show normally” in Admin Notices Boss. If you use these plugins together, I recommend turning off that particular setting in AME Pro.

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