About Data Processing (Free Version)

This page describes what personal data the plugin collects, where and how long that data is stored, and if/how it is shared. This information applies to the free version of Admin Menu Editor.

“You” refers to the person who installs and configures the plugin.


All plugin data is stored in the WordPress database. The plugin does not create or modify any files on your server.

The plugin does not store any information about unregistered visitors. In its default, out-of-the-box configuration it also does not store any personally identifying information about registered users.

However, depending on how you configure the plugin, it may collect and store some information about registered users or you. This is usually limited to usernames and user IDs.

Normally, uninstalling the plugin will also delete all of that data.

“Who can access this plugin” Settings

When you select the “Only the current user” option, the plugin will store the current user’s ID. To remove that data, change “Who can access this plugin” to any other setting.

The plugin collects and stores a lot of information about the WordPress admin interface. This includes admin menu titles, menu URLs, required capabilities, icons, and so on.

Usually, these properties don’t contain any personal data. However, if one your other plugins displays personal information in the aforementioned places, Admin Menu Editor might store that information along with its own settings.

To remove this information, you will first need to configure the relevant plugin or theme so that it no longer displays personal details in the admin menu/Toolbar/etc. Then go to the relevant AME screen, click the “Refresh” button (if applicable), and save the settings.

Data You Enter in Plugin Forms

As you might expect, when you enter something in the plugin’s settings page(s), the plugin will store it in the database. The plugin doesn’t make any attempt to detect or remove personal data from user input. For example, if you add an email address to a menu title, the plugin will store that email until you manually remove it or until the plugin is uninstalled.

Data Is Not Shared

By default, the free version of Admin Menu Editor does not share any personal data with anyone. It does not use remote APIs or send usage statistics. Everything stays on your site.